Arif Lohar Says, Prayers Play An Essential Role In Success

Arif Lohar says

Arif Lohar says, prayers play a vital role in succeeding in any field of life. He says that those who have parents alive and their prayers with them are the most luckiest people on Earth. Sharing his views with a private network he said that “it is the blessing of Allah and prayers of my parents with the support of which I reached to this honorable position and achieved this fame and success”.


Arif says that ” I am lucky that my parents supported and prayed for me and I am successful becuase of their prayers, my message to the young generation of Pakistan is to serve their parents and receive their affection and Dua”.

He also said that the place that he has attained in the Music World is also because of Sufi Music and Sufi poets. My father sang Jugni was the most popular song that got hype in the sub-continent and worldwide. And Jugni is still accompanying me and going with the same love and fame that was initiated from Jugni that was sung by my father.

Arif Lohar is one of our Punjabi folk singers in Pakistan. He often sings with the collaboration of a native musical instrument resembling tongs. Traditional folk heritage of the Punjab is shown by his folk music. He was born in the home of famous folk singer Alam Lohar, and was trained and brought up in the musical environment.

Arif’s eldest brother, Doctor Arshad Mahmood Lohar, established Alam Lohar Memorial Trust (ALMT) in regard of their father.

In United Kingdom, a trust affiliation that was like a production studio, was established in order to raise awareness for health campaigns, including the Stop Smoking, and Healthy Mothers and Healthy Babies campaigns on behalf of the National Health Service. Mainly Pakistani and other South Asian countries were focused by these campaigns to bring awareness about health problems, and Arif performed in the UK to promote them.



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