Najam Sheraz Has Transformed His Singing Career


Najam Sheraz has transformed his singing into motivational and national songs to Unite Pakistani nation. He says that he has left singing songs and have started singing for our country, martyres, Army and Air force. He still is into this art but the direction and role has changed, he expressed.

Sheraz has been a pop singer, songwriter, music producer, composer and peace activist. He mentioned that he recites Hamd, Naats and sings national songs in English and Urdu languages. He got fed up of singing pop music, doing concerts and recording songs.

The transformation came when he learnt Quran and got awareness of what was written in it. Quran taught me my role and purpose of my life. World, specially our own country needs positivity and motivators and teachers to teach them the real purpose of life, he added.

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Najam Sheraz became one of those singers who left the filthy world of secular music. However, he was surprisingly back with the song, Khwabon Ke Rishta, which was a successful track recorded for social cause.Before that, he had sung the popular and hit “Na Tera Khuda Koi Aur Hai”. However, music does depend on the emotional state of both the producer and the listener, but what happens if the maker of the music does not want to express his personal views. The fans and followers should not be left to search what happened to the celebrity.

In any nation youth can bring change but there is an urge to motivate them provide them the platform. Our young generation gets more motivated from young celebrities and role models. Therefore, the super star that he once was, received the support of thousands of hypocritical Pakistani followers when he planned to switch his duty.

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