Fariha Pervez Leaves Showbiz World For Surprising Reasons

Fariha Pervez

Fariha Pervez is saying good bye to music industry for many reasons. After coming back from the United States. The singer was captured in cameras in Pakistan. She was wearing religious outfit and she talked that she would only apply her talent in singing Sufi songs due to her evolution in beliefs.


Few days back, the news were revolving on social media  and some channels that the famous singer, Fariha Pervez has ended her career as a singer for religious beliefs. The diva had decided that she will be devoting her voice to Sufi songs and religious recitals.

Therefore, the update is that the singer is all set to begin a new life in United States as she is in extreme sorrow after her splitting from the singer, Nouman Javed. Any how it was the news that the singer will never rejoining this world of showbiz.

So what will be the new source of earning for her, this is the question of her fans and followers. Well she is starting her brand new business of property. In this regard she is also building a new plaza in Bahria town, Lahore where she will start working as well.

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In history of Pakistani showbiz industry many popular celebrities such as the Late Islamic scholar Junaid Jamshed, Najam Sheraz, Ali Haider and many actors have chosen other path and that too while on height of their popularity. Indeed, they have chosen right path.

She will not consider any offers for performing and singing, She will stay away from the world of glamour and entertainment. Rather she will keep focus on singing Sufi and spiritual music, she said.

Fariha Pervez has been a playback and versatile female singer from Pakistan. She is specifically popular for singing  Ghazals and Punjabi songs. Fariha also made her name from her performance in veteran children’s drama, Ainak Wala Jin. She made her debut in hosting and acting from a very young age. She also anchored a famous children’s music program Aangan Taray on PTV.



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