Joss Stone Loved To Collab With Pakistani Singer Malkoo


Mohammad Ashraf Malik, Famous as Malkoo was born in Sargodha, Punjab, Pakistan. He is a pop, Punjabi bhangra and folk singer. He caught hype when he sung the song “Kala Jora Paa Saddi Farmaish Te”, which was appreciated by Pakistani music lovers. Recently, Joss visited Pakistan and couldn’t leave without praising the beauty of Pakistan and appreciating Pakistani Music and Singers. She looked more interested in Pakistani Music and traditions. She just collaborated with Malkoo through his famous song “Rul te gye aan” and it was amazing seeing them intermingling Eastern music with Western Music. The video gives us those vibes to enjoy the mashup.

Her team shared that, “Overlooking the city Islamabad in Pakistan and meeting up with Malkoo was a lovely way to spend the evening. Malkoo is a pop, Punjabi bhangra and folk singer, we really enjoyed getting to know him and collaborating together. The sound and vibrations made for some good music and great vibes! The song really does want you to get up and dance. Feel free to share!”

Malkoo has given a number of hits to his fans which include “Sochna Vi Na” (2004), “Kala Jora Paa Sahdi Farmaish Tey”, “Wey Changa Sahda Yaar Ae Toon”, “Aaja Sohniey Teinun Nachnaan Sikha Dayyaan”, “Chhaddo Sahnun Guddian Uddaan Deo”, “Nachdi Kamaal Billo” and many more.

Joss Stone, her original name Joscelyn Eve Stoker, is an English singer, songwriter and actress.
Joss Stone gained popularity after her multi-platinum debut album ‘The Soul Sessions’ when she was only 16 years old after which she was awarded with 2004 Mercury Prize. She has released numerous popular music albums for her followers like The Soul Sessions”, Water for your soul”, Mind bod and soul”, Introducing Joss Stone”, Colour me free, valentine’s day”, The great American songs”, ” Battling giants”, The best of Joss Stone”, Rolling Stone original”, ” live session” and a number of other releases.

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