Sajjad Ali And Hamid Mir Talk About Childhood And Innocent Memories

Sajjad Ali

Recently Sajjad Ali posted in response to Hamir Mir’s post on twitter that,
“Thanks @HamidMirPak for reminding me of those days when I used to share lunch with my class fellow named ‘Hamid’. I had no idea that he would turn out to be The Hamid Mir :)”.


“I remember first album of Sajjad Official was released when he was student of Punjab University Lab School in New Campus Lahore and most of his little class fellows including me were sure that he will become big singer one day weldone “sureeeley””, shared Hamid Mir on twitter, tagging Sajjad Ali.

Sajjad responded to the tweet of Hamid Mir as, “A JOURNEY OF FIVE DECADES!

Watch the video on YouTube”.


The name Sajjad Ali, is one of the greatest Pakistani semi-classical, pop and rock singer, poet, actor, film director and a film producer. He is from Karachi, Pakistan.

He was born in the home of a movie actor, Shafqat Hussain (Sajan), more interesting is that he was also a cricketer. His debut was from a movie, Badal Aur Bijli in 1971. Sajjad did his intermediate studies from National College of Arts, Karachi, then his uncle taught him Classical Music.

Whereas Hamid Mir is a Pakistani columnist, journalist and an author. Mir belongs to a journalistic family. He started working with Pakistani newspaper. And now he hosts a talk show on a private network.



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