Mohsin Abbas Haider Engraves Tattoo, Showing Affection

Mohsin Abbas Haider

Mohsin Abbas Haider is a popular talented singer, actor, host and a writer in the Pakistan entertainment industry. Few months back he has been in the news for his selection of controversial performances and expressing his depression he went through in his life and the people causing it.


Haider posted a picture on social media showcasing a tattoo of a female name which is his daughter name, engraved on his chest right over the heart that reads #VeenuKayBaba. The expressions on his face show how deeply he has been in love with the late little angel and the tattoo apparently is a tribute to her.
An year ago, Mohsin Haider’s daughter, Mahveen was sick and passed away.
Mohsin has acted in a drama series “Meri Guriya” that showcased a strong moral message. A taboo and crucial subject has been displayed in the play.

He shared with a private news channel as, “Had my daughter not passed away, had I not understood what it meant to be a father and to bear the loss of a child, I would not have understood what it meant to cope with the loss. My baby girl died due to an illness. But to think that someone’s daughter dies in a way that Zainab Ansari from Kasur did, and the way other parents have lost their children to such crimes… I wondered how they [the parents] must have felt. My daughter may have left this world but I am still a father and always will be. Her loss was the reason I did this role.”

He shared his fight with depression on social media and the Pakistani showbiz industry fully talked in his support movie by sharing their own life stories.
Mohsin also posted that “Depression is all set to kill me soon. I just wanted to say thanks to the people who caused it,” Mohsin had posted on his Facebook and Instagram. Later on he deleted the post.

Haider posted on Instagram making a video saying that “I think talking about it (depression) helped me a lot, I am not that kind of a guy who shares details of his personal life but you do it when you reach a certain point and with the messages I received I can say that it helped me a lot so one should talk about depression”.

He has also acted in the Na Maloon Afraad, recent Lollywood movie.



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