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Najam Sheraz is a Pakistani  songwriter, music producer, compose. Sheraz’s first Urdu nasheed Spiritual, “Na Tera Khuda Koi Aur Hae’  e sings patriotic songs in 2003 worldcup.  His powerful “Hum Bolain Mohabbat Ki Zuban” was used as the ‘’Face of Pakistan’’ on CNN World by the Pakistan government.

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Najam Sheraz

is a Pakistani pop singer, comedy actor, composer and musician. He is the most creative Pakistani singer; in fact, he is a household name in Pakistan. Najam’s powerful “Hum Bolain Mohabbat Ki Zuban” was used as the ‘’Face of Pakistan’’ on CNN World by the government Pakistan. Numerous of his songs have become anthems all over the globe. His latest album, eight in his career, Najam Sheraz has been released recently both in Pakistan and India. His peace song for the globe “Only Love” was elected by International Olympics Committee for 2008 Beijing’s Olympics Torch Relay in Islamabad.

Najam Sheraz was born in Multan (district of Punjab), Pakistan on 2 August 1969. He (natural sportsman) played professional cricket with Pakistan cricketing legends such as Mushtaq Ahmed (spin bowling coach for the Pakistan cricket team), Waqar Younis (former Test and ODI captain for Pakistan), and Inzamam-ul-Haq (former captain Pakistan cricket team). He formed his first band with his elder brothers Joji (Salman Nadeem in Brampton, ON, Canada) and Booby (Dr. Zubair Adnan in Rawalpindi Pakistan) called Brother Rhythm in 1987. Both brothers till date seriously thinks about themselves better, more sophisticated musicians and music lovers than the much famous younger brother.

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Performing in almost 1,000 shows throughout the nation, he set himself as one of the powerful voices on stage. Najam Sheraz has given a mega-hit “Bheegay Hont Tere” to Indian film industry who back then changed the style of music in the Bollywood movies in a huge way for Mahesh Bhatt’s film “Murder” in 2004. “Bheegay Hont Tere” also put an end to stealing songs from all over the border after a long time.

Najam Sheraz was signed by Frankfinn Music later for his future album to be produced in the United Kingdom. He also composed and sang for the new Vikram Bhatt’s film Shaapit, “TERE BINA JIYA NA JAYE” in 2011 set up a production company Coconut Island and produced/arranged two songs for Vikram Bhatt’s “Haunted 3D” Tera Hee Bas Hona chahoon and Sau Baras.

The success of ‘Jeeto Mere Laal‘ in Cricket World Cup of 2003, which was likewise dedicated to Pakistani Blind Cricket team and the World Cup Champions.

The Hamd ‘Yeh Mamla Koi Aur Hai’ became a big hit in Ramadan 2002. The spirit and strength of the song became famous that it precedes each concert performance and audiences of all ages and religion join voices in its recitation.

Most famous songs

Mohabbat Ki Zuban

Pyar Karannu Dil Karda

“Yeh Mamla Koi Aur Ha

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