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Arishma Maryam

Arishma Maryam is the dhoool plyaing girl she is not only in the Pakistan but taking dhool playing in the china india and more countires. she is best playing dhool. She is taking concerts events and wedding shows.

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Arishma Maryam is a Pakistan’s rising Talent. She is the first Pakistani female Dhol player. Everybody get surprised when hearing of a female dhol player but she’s too good. She has that rocking swing with the beat, and you are bound to call it the Dhol Drums. Beautiful Maryam, the dhol-banger is making heads turn. She can truly be called the youngest female dhol player in Pakistan. Within a short period, she has managed to catch the eye of numerous in the Lahore’s music circles and has been a usual performer on many occasions.

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Punjabi, Urdu

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