We, Fankar Online are a service providing agency who work closely with artists.
When we take payment from Client and pay to Artists, Musicians, Sound, for Traveling and stay (In Case Client is not providing) then we do a written agreement / contract with our client.
We give 100% surety of artist reach on stage / venue after all payments collected (Advances / Remaining).

Cancellation & Postponement
But, In Case of Client Cancels or Postpone the Event due to a genuine reason due to the prevailing situation in the country (Acts of God, National and local disasters, or war) the artists will not refund any advances paid to artist but will re-schedule the dates after mutual understanding and complete the remaining shows within one month.
A fee (20% or decided) deducted from total payments, and new date sets down with mutual understanding of artist & client.

If the Artist is detained due to sickness or is incapacitated from performing in any way, The artist will refund the amount of unperformed shows or by the mutual understanding between the both parties of the contract, Or shows can be rescheduled.