Spotify jacking up, Empowering Pakistani Artists worldwide.

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Spotify is supporting Artists to Launch their Albums and Solos, Marketing them & featuring them on screens. Empowering Pakistani Artists worldwide.

According to Khan FM, the Artist and Label Partnerships Manager for Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh at Spotify. Spotify’s most recent project, through which we released Turbo, the album by Talal Qureshi. We made a big effort because this was the first album launch we had ever sponsored. He, for example, became the first Pakistani musician to appear on the LED displays at Estadio Olmpico Llus Companys, the official FC Barcelona Stadium in Spain, as part of the promotions. This makes him the only Pakistani artist to receive the big three, something that only Spotify can accomplish, along with his record being featured in Times Square, New York, USA. Another person who has benefited from our RADAR program is Taha G, who saw a 20% or more boost in listeners before being signed by SONY Music for his most recent track, “Aankhon Mein Aansu.”

He added that, Since we started that program almost two years ago, musicians have noticed increases in streams thanks to our flagship program for female artists, EQUAL Pakistan. For instance, the number of streams for Hadiqa Kiani increased by 387%, and the number of listeners for Aima Baig increased by 53.9 %. Next on the list was Natasha Humera Ejaz, whose streams increased by 274%, followed by Shae Gill, whose streams increased by 242%.
It goes on from here. We try our best to preserve the heritage of musical greats outside of music programs, like the great Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, whose music we celebrated during Pakistan’s Independence Day. His daily stream count climbed by 11.73%, while his monthly listeners increased by 4.5%.

Piracy has always been the biggest challenge for any artist in Pakistan. Before Spotify, artists could only distribute their music using undetectable CDs and cassettes. We provide musicians from all around Pakistan with the tools and resources they need through Spotify so they may grow and measure their achievement. said by Khan FM

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