Rabi Pirzada performed Umrah, On way to new journey of her Life

rabi pirzada umrah

Rabi Pirzada who has left showbiz and engaged herself into Art, Islamic Reciting, Naat and Hamds. Now has reached Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah.

“In Makkah i feel like being a guest of Allah. I see Him everywhere. I don’t remember my family, my home my paintings my life. All I remember is breathing in a place which is hosted by none other than the CREATOR. I can’t quote any AYAT right now. but only this “. She tweeted on her official twitter.

Rabi Pirzada has a powerful voice of last year who raised her voice for Kashmir and people of Kashmir. And she is working for educating poor children.

She is making paintings of calligraphy and decided to come over media only for good causes to overcome her past situation when her some personal videos and pictures were leaked out.

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