Uzair Jaswal Inherited Singing Quality From His Parents

Uzair Jaswal

Uzair Jaswal got music and singing talent from his parents. In his childhood, on picnic and in travel with family, there was old music played repeatedly. All of his family members used to travel in a same vehicle and listened to the same old music.


He was the major singer of a band known as ‘Scar’ which gave various rock music. Uzair worked hard and made his name in the industry in quite young age. They are six brothers and a sister, where all of the brothers are artists. Three of them are known for their singing. Uzair Jaswal, Umair Jaswal and himself Uzair earned name in the music industry.

He is graduate from University of London. He made his debut in singing at the age of 14. Uzair got fame in the Pakistani music industry in a very short period of time. Few of his popular songs include “Tere Bin”, “Mere Rooh”, “Bolay” and “Jaanvey”. His tracks “Nindiya Ke Paar” and “Bolay” were added in the 5th season of Coke Studio. He was the youngest performer of Coke Studio Pakistan in its first 7 seasons, at the age of 21.

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His parents were supportive and appreciated him in his singing career. He is the youngest and the most loved child of his parents in all his siblings. Uzair have been bold and confident in his young years so he used to dance and sing in school and college. He used to collect bottle lids and sticker books.

All of the siblings live together in the same house even half of them are married. As they are emotionally more attached to their parents. Uzair’s only sister lives abroad and is married. He learnt singing from Umair.



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