The Decline of Coke Studio Pakistan Over The Years!

Coke Studio

With Strings producing the previous few episodes of the most popular Pakistani musical show Coke Studio, the veterans were out this season giving their space to the younger one’s Ali Hamza and Zohaib Qazi of Patari fame and let them set the stage for the biggest musical extravaganza of the fraternity.

There were times when we all use to sing along with the Coke Studio tracks reminiscing the days when some of the songs were great big hits and their beautiful renditions were being performed in the Coke Studio sessions, not only this CS gave a voice to the unnoticed talent like Samra khan, Momina Mustehsan and a few more making them big stars overnight. We still can’t get over Afreen Afreen and tracks like Paar Chanaa De etc.

But over the years we have noticed that there is a sudden decline in the following of the show, be it the start of Pepsi battle of the bands or the quality of the music that used to be produced at the time of Rohail Hyatt, the performers then became the producers.

We do not deny the fact that it was because of Coke Studio only that Momina Mustehsan became a star overnight, Ahad Nayani was noticed like never before, his expressions, his love for drumming and music could be seen from the videos but somewhere the core music was lost and feel of CS was disappeared. Those so relatable memes on Momina were hilarious and gained her a lot of fan following and more music videos too but what exactly happened to the quality of the music?

Zohaib Kazi while talking about this season, wrote on his Instagram that

This season for them was not about “the ‘formula’ or ‘number of hits’ on a song but about striking a conversation that enables the artists to do what they really wanted to do”.

We understand that the producers wanted to give leverage to the artists to perform their heart out but here are some of the issues we felt during the past few seasons:

Repetitive artists:

We have not seen artists like Atif, Jaffer, Meesha in previous 2 seasons and we kind of miss them, Ahmed Jahanzeb is also one of those who is missed on the stage of Coke Studio. We understand that this season was more about the discoveries and freedom of music but having Asim, Momina and few more in every season kills the charm totally!

Disaster Renditions:

We all love renditions but a few literally broke our heart. Hassan Jehangir’s Hawa Hawa is yesteryear’s chart-topping song but its rendition in a recent season makes us think about what literally happened. Not only this, Ko Ko Korina was unbelievable and we had to actually hear the original version to calm down ourselves. The problem is not about us expecting much more from the renditions but at least the essence should have remained the same.

Different music languages:

The masses, those who do not have a vast knowledge of music takes some time to digest songs in different languages and genre but when you say sound of nation it needs to be the sound of nation on a whole, the explorer episode which was meant to give the original Coke studio season a hype actually had only the 2 or 3 nice tracks. Also not to forget that one of the artists was accused of being a terrorist as well and there was a separate debate over it!

With the season 11 of much loved Coke studio wasn’t able to win many hearts, we hope for a better season the coming year!

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