Shiraz Uppal Shares His Childhood Best Memories

Shiraz Uppal

Shiraz Uppal share his childhood best memories, in an interview. He is a singer, musician. He has made his name in Lollywood, Bollywood and all over the world.



In response to the question, he said that everyone should be a human being first. Being a human being and having humanity should be found before anything.
He mentioned that he has same routine and work, working with the music and doing a project on documentary in India and it is a good project. ‘I am recording music for different projects but i don’t have time for releasing my own album or a single song ,since, l already have done four albums. But audience is no more interested in albums, instead, they like to listen to singles, so I keep on doing single.’

Asking about and family, Shiraz Uppal expressed, ” I am the eldest of my siblings, I have two more sisters. Both the sisters are married, one of them lives in Scotland and the other got married two years ago and lives in Lahore. We belong to Lahore and wee born here in UCH. Since, my father was in Army, he was posted to different stations so family had to shift accordingly”.

He said, “I grew up in Pindi, Lahore, Multan, Peshawar and I have a lot of memories and experiences of living in different cities. My school memories were the best of my whole life. Because I had a lot of friends with no responsibilties.We shifted to Dhamyal, Rawalpindi when I was a baby.

My grandparents are from Lahore. One more thing to add that the Hafeez Centre used to be our old house. We used to live over there and we sold it in 1990. Because my father was posted outstation, he said. It had around thirty-five mango trees, all were cut down later and Plaza was built over it.

‘He added that, I was very naughty in my childhood, even when some one else in our froiemd’s group did any kind of blunder, I was blamed for it. I had no responsibilities and still don’t have. I still am a kid inside and don’t want that to die. He should be alive throughout our lives’.

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