Sanam Marvi Harsh Life Story Will Make You Burst Into Tears

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Life has always been harsh to Sanam Marvi. Her father, Faqeer Ghulam Rasool, was a folk artist from Sindh. A musician’s family struggles a lot because they have no other resources to financially support their family. People are not generous to them. One incident from her childhood doesn’t vanish from her head.


Once her father performed with a very famous artist, Marvi says. They came back from the show around in the evening and the artist who had to pay us, went to sleep. But the condition at our home was so bad that we were starving. There was nothing to eat that night. There was such poverty that used to eat once a day and then wonder what we will do next.

The situation was that I have five siblings and only five roti were available. So it was preferred to feed younger children. Most of the times my father, mother and I would sleep without eating anything. My mother used to tell me that ‘You’re the eldest, you can bear the hunger, therefore, little children will eat so they do not cry.

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Marvi and her father went to the artist’s house for a number of times. Her father would take her with him because he wanted her to learn so she could stand on her feet. Her father used to say that in the future she will earn popularity, and she needs to know that she can’t have such behavior to others.

The last time my father knocked the door, that woman came out herself. She said ‘What happened Khan Sahib? For this money you’ve ruined my sleep. The payment she was supposed to give my father was one hundred and thirty rupees only, but she gave him Rs130 and said ‘Take this and go. I’m never going to work with you again. No one should annoy others this much.

It was not the only case she remembered. Marvi’s husband was murdered in a targeted attack in Karachi. After she got married. At a very young age, she suffered a lot. This happened to her mother in the same way. Now, this was happening to her. She was panic for her daughter that what’s going to happen with her.

Marvi hard worked and earned her name in the music industry and gave songs in different genres. Her recent song was ‘Lagi Bina’ which was a hit.

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