Saira Peter Pakistani Opera Singer planned to start music academy in Gilgit

saira peter

Saira Peter, Pakistan’s first opera singer has discussed to start a music academy in Gilgit-Baltistan for new female singers in collaboration with the Gigit Baltistant government.

Talking to Government owned news Agency APP on Tuesday, she said she would visit Gilgit-Baltistan next month to discuss her proposal with Ministry of Culture, Gilgit-Baltistan in this regard. She said that her music academy in Karachi was providing training to new female singers which she exclusively established for them. She said that her aim is to support new talent of female as they limited opportunities particularly in the field of music. She said that “I want to serve my people in Pakistan and spread the message of Sufi saints across the globe”. Saira Peter said that it was her mission to promote positive image of my country. She paid a glowing tribute to her teachers, she said who got training in Opera, can sing in any genre of music.

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