Pasoori Fam Shae Gill, A new entry in music industry

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After releasing Pasoori from the platform of Coke Studio Season 14. A new name comes out who did her debut with Ali Sethi and Coke Studio.

She becomes true example of overnight fam,

India Television star Nakuul Mehta tweeted “Shae Gill is the most beautiful & powerful voice I have heard in a while… Still lingering on…”

Shae Gill is happy with this all, She said it was a great experience working with Ali Sethi, I was a bit nervous she added.

23 Years old Shae Gill told in an interview that all journey of music started from her friend’s room in hostel, and she was not much serious about music.

All About She Gill

Age: Born in 1998, 23 Years Old now

Study: Fine Arts

Pasoori – Coke Studio Season 14
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