‘Noori’ Brothers Are Two Opposite Personalities-Ali Noor

Ali Noor

Ali Noor and his brother Ali Hamza are in the same profession and same music band. But they are totally opposite to each other in nature and personality. They are different in all perspectives of life such as way of thinking, seeking education, making selections, music taste, learning and all the stuff you can imagine.


He is a singer and musician who has a rock band, named as ‘Noori’ which was established in 1996. The name of the band ‘Noori’, is not named after Ali Noor himself. Therefore, Noori is a Persian word that means “light” and the concept behind the band was the light which displays things with a different perspective.

Ali was born in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan and spent his childhood in GOR. Noori band was created by songwriter, lead vocalist and guitarist, Ali Noor. He did it with the collaboration of his younger brother Ali Hamza. They were also joined by bassist Muhammad Ali Jafri and drummer Salman Albert.

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Noori is popular in all over the world and have performed in various countries. They have given rock and playback music in Coke studio and in different Bollywood and Lollywood movies. Manwa re Paar chana de are popular.

Although, Noori and Hamza’s mother was also into music so they were inspired by her. Their father has been a dominant civil servant. He is intellectual and well-educated person who always motivated Ali to show excellence in studies. He, himself was the scholarship holder and qualified from a University in United States. Therefore, wanted his children to do good in academics. He did not like Ali Noor and Ali Hamza to pursue their career in music, but they were passionate about rock music and made their way.



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