Mohsin Abbas Responds Back To His Wife’s Allegations

Mohsin Abbas

Mohsin Abbas Haider responded back to his wife’ allegations, yesterday. He held a press conference at the Lahore Press Club to share his side of the story and deny the allegations. But many people observed inconsistencies in what he was saying during the press club.


Haider accepted that their marriage was controversial, therefore, he never beat his wife. “There are no medical reports to support her allegations”. He expressed to the media that she was meeting people without his consent. He added that he owned his son and take care of them by sending money to meet their expenses. They got married but soon realized that they can not make it together,” he said.

Then I asked her about my second marriage but she said she will not let that occur, he added. Haider also mentioned that Sohail wanted to kill Fatima and demanded her property onto his name.

Responding to Fatima’s accusations, he expressed that every woman who cries does not speak truth. She has lied that she was “dragged,” “kicked,” and “punched” by him when she was pregnant. He says that all the allegations are wrong by adding “Whatever Fatima said, is false, and I never hit her.

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He mentioned that the pictures that were shared by Fatima are of 2018, when she fell down the stairs. The same pictures he received from her when he was travelling for his shoot. Furthermore, he admitted that they used to fight and argue on a daily basis, but yes, he never hit her as he was taught to respect women.

Haider has asked her family to come to the police station and show the evidence. He told to the media that the police are unable to reach her as she has switched off her phone, because she is wrong. If her family proves and provides evidence to the police then they can arrest me at the spot.

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