Meesha Shafi’s Judge Replacing Appeal To Be Approved

Meesha Shafi

Meesha Shafi had appealed to replace the judge involved in her case. The appeal of transfer of defamation suit has been accepted by the authorities.


“The defendant does not have any confidence. Confidence of the learned judge will be able to impartially and fairly proceeding in the case. Hence desires to transfer her above-mentioned case to any other court of competent jurisdiction,” mentioned in the petition.

The defamation case will now be heard by Additional Sessions Judge Amjad Ali Shah, who will hold a hearing.

The transfer appeal had been filed on May 4. And the court had reserved its verdict on the matter on the same day.

In her application, Meesha had expressed a lack of trust in Additional District. Also in Sessions Judge Shakeel Ahmad, who had been hearing the suit. They were arguing through her counsel that she believed the judge was displaying partiality towards Zafar.

As per the application, the judge had assisted witnesses in furnishing answers. Occurred during the recording of testimonies in the defamation case. Shafi also alleged that Justice Ahmad had expressed displeasure with her lawyer “for no reason”. And subsequently fined him Rs10,000. On these grounds. She had requested that the defamation case be transferred to another court.

History Of Case:

In his suit, Zafar has said Shafi levelled “baseless and unfounded” allegations of sexual harassment against him. In a tweet posted on April 19, 2018. It allegedly disgraced him and his image and brought agony and pain to his family.

Meesha Shafi had accused her fellow singer and actor Ali Zafar of sexual harassment last year, leading to a key debate on the topic of sexual harassment and the #MeToo movement.

He further complains that Shafi failed to delete the tweet and issue an apology within 14 days of a legal notice being served to her.

He has inquired the court to rule against Meesha. And inform her to pay Rs1 billion in damages to him.




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