King of Folk Attaullah Khan Niazi Esakhelivi

Attaullah Khan Niazi Esakhelivi

King of folk, Attaullah Khan Niazi Esakhelivi is Pakistan’s only singer who is living in hearts of people in that scene that Truck Drivers and Truck Owners paints his posters on Trucks and Trailers.

Attaullah Khan Niazi’s Paintings and Photos on Trucks and Trailers 

Have you traveled on Motorways and GT Roads of Pakistan?, Have you noticed that how many truck drivers and owners love King of Folk Attaullah Khan Niazi?. In Pakistan, There is the trend that trucks and buses are decorated with colors and paintings after purchasing and before driving to the roads.
You will see paintings, Birds, Poetry or Photo of Attaullah Khan  Niazi.
Why? Because they feel him with them When they travel they play the music of Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi. They feel that he is singing pain of them.
Not any other singer got this type of love from his fans which are taken by Singer Attaullah Khan Niazi.
People when express there emotions then they ask painters to paint there Hero’s portraits on trucks and trailers. Means Attaullah Khan Niazi Esa Khelvi is their HERO.

Attaullah Khan Niazi, Singer of Pain

He is famous due to his sad songs, People when starts listening to him then they can not stop to sit and listen and listen….and listen.
Kameez Teri Kaali was the song which gave him fame which is for rare persons. He is from Mianwali City, And most people of this city and area are truck drivers, They go from one city to other, One region to other and then Cassettes of Attaullah Khan Niazi was always with them, That was the reason that Niazi’s voice traveled from city to city, all over Pakistan and become the voice of there hearts. His songs are for persons who love and live away from there loved ones.

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