Junoon Band is Back, Junoon will be Live in Concert


Junoon Band is Back, Junoon will be Live in Concert

First Sufi Rock band of Pakistan is now united again.  It’s a good news for the Music Lovers specially who loves Sufi Music that reunion of Junoon Band has come true.
Junoon was formed in 1990, And Then 13 years before They decided to separate and then Ali Azmat and Salman did many songs separately, Ali Azmat and Salman has given many good tracks to their fans but Now there fans are more happy.

Junoon is the Passion, They did many things in Music. They were trend setters in Music Industry of Pakistan like There website was the first official website of any Pakistani Singer or band which they set in 1995.

March 2005 was the year when Junoon did last concert as a band in UAE.
And the Ali Azmat pursue his career as a solo singer. Later, he released his debut solo album, Social Circus.
Band manager Shehryar Ahmad also departed from the band. Salman Ahmed also released his debut solo album in July 2005 and named it Infinity.

Now Peek Freans Sooper presents Junoon Live in Concert! #SooperJunoon on  25th December 2018 at Airmen Golf Club, Karachi

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