Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi Completes His Fifty Years In Music

Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi

Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi has completed his fifty years in the music industry. He says he is glad that he has completed his fifty years of singing in Pakistani music industry.

He belongs to Esakhel, a town named after his grandfather’s name. Therefore, he kept his surname as ‘Esakhelvi’. He was not allowed to learn music and sing. His family was against his passion of singing but he was determined and didn’t give up, therefore left his house and continued singing.

Esakhelvi, also called as ‘Lala’ is a Pakistani singer and musician who won awards, Mianwali, He has also performed Folk, Sufi music and Naats. He has recorded more than five hundred albums, that means thousands of songs.

His first five albums were a super hit. He is loved all over the globe and has performed in each country of the world. Recently, rumors were circulating about his death which were spread on social media by some one. He said that, he forgives the one who spread the rumors of his death. His fans were shocked and depressed after listening to that news.

He expressed that, he loves singing, this is why did not continue acting. “Acting was not my passion, but my friends convinced me to do acting in the movie”, says Esakhelvi. He told about his family and children that all are doing good at their own positions. Laraib, his daughter won the prize in United States and made Pakistan proud of her success. He says that, he has two wives, one of them lives abroad with the children and the other one is in Pakistan who takes care of me.

He advises the nation to stay sincere with their jobs and focus on Pakistan’s betterment. He says that he always supported Pakistan and worked for Pakistan and its people entertainment.

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