Attaullah Esakhelvi Recovers Quickly From Illness

Attaullah Esakhelvi

Attaullah Esakhelvi was hospitallized and went through surgery, pancreatic operation. His friends and fans were concerned and came over for his sympathy and solicitude.

Last night, secretary of Attaullah Esakhelvi also confirmed that he is in good health and there is no cause for being worried.
Attaullah Khan, in a recent video thanked his fans for praying and wishing him during his illness, all is well and he is back home.
According to his daughter Laraib Atta who posted on twitter as:
“Most of you have been concerned about my father’s welfare. Just to let you all know he is doing amazingly well and prepared for his upcoming concert in Dubai. Thank you all for your messages”.

While people had spread rumors about his death on social media.
His fans were worried and concerned about the health of the legend singer after the spread of his death rumour on social media.

According to a private TV channel report, the perpetrator of the rumor on social media, resident of Retra Taunsa Sharif was caught by the authorities but charges were dropped as the singer himself excused the culprit.
Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi, folk singer shared his love for Pakistan and told he has no plans to go abroad anytime soon. He has given several hit songs to the nation like ‘Sab Maya Hai’ sung in the coke studio collaborating with his son.
He also shared his love for Pakistan as,
“Pakistan is my Hollywood and Bollywood. The peace and calm I feel in my country are like a mother’s lap,”
Esakhelvi is also making a new song for Pakistan, similar to Banega Naya Pakistan which he made for PTI.
He informed about his show in Dubai on April 13, where he will perform for his international fans. He offered thanks to those living in Saudi Arabia who prayed for him in Mecca and Medinah.
Also, Atta Ullah being kind and humble person, forgave the ones running the rumor mill on social media.

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