Asim Azhar Speaks Up About His Relationship

Asim Azhar

Asim Azhar is seen with an actress for so many times that people got curious about them and started thinking Asim is in relationship with her. As in their Instagram posts together to their recent Fashion Pakistan Week appearance, followers have been anxiously waiting for some confirmation about what is going on between them.



During an interview with BBC Asian Network’s Haroon Rashid, Asim was asked whether he is in a relationship with Hania and although he did not answer the question clearly or directly, he said, “You see my heart beating really fast? I don’t think I’m in a position to answer that causally or frankly.”

A private network shares that, “You see my heart beating really fast?” ❤️ Pakistani pop star @AsimAzharr speaks about his relationship with actress Hania Amir for the first time. He tells @iharoonrashid that she “brings positivity” in to his life.

He said that, “I feel like she’s the kind of person who brings a lot of positivity in my life. It’s so much fun being around her. We’re always laughing. We’re always just messing around. It’s nice to have someone be genuinely supportive towards whatever you do.”

People asked that speaking openly about their relationship is due to social pressure or the real situation? Asim responded to the query as, “The only reason for me to be however I am right now is only because I respect her. Any comment, whether yes or no I would want her consent. I don’t want to say something on my own then have the other person say, ‘I’m also involved in this equation, whatever question was asked’.”

Asim answered the question about business potential by celebrity dating, “I honestly don’t look at it that way. I just feel like that the reason I did the telefilm is obviously because it was a great project but also because it was an opportunity to spend more time with a person that I like hanging out with”.

Speaking on the dating trend of this country, he expressed, “Some time ago it would be some kind of taboo and I feel like now we’re moving towards a progressive society I hope we can progress further, but it’s great to see that we’re finally progressing towards a society that’s open to each other’s opinion.”

Asim told that, “I do, I do. I’m in no place to but I would be lying if I say I don’t do it. I’ve been getting a lot of comments, ‘You’ve been posting a lot of pictures together and this and that.’ I just tell them I appreciate your concern but it brings me peace. If I had the choice of peace of heart over something else, I would always go with my peace of heart. If that has to do with me posting pictures and sharing moments of that I want to share with the world, let it be.”

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