Asim Azhar Reveals About His Rigorous Family

Asim Azhar

Asim Azhar reveals about his brass-bound father turning into soft-hearted and a humble person. In an interview with a private channel show, Asim shared about his family and personal life.



Asim expressed that, he was always afraid of his father because he was an angry man all the time. He told that his father is a musician and music director and his mother was a house wife. But later she entered into showbiz, as an actress. His mother and father met in an event, liked each other and got married. He told, he has such a good relationship with his mother, that he can’t even express it in words.

His mother was from Rawalpindi, the youngest in all siblings and rebellious and had different mentality than her family. She came to Karachi without her family’s consent and married his father. Quite an interesting, he said. Furthermore, he expressed, “I have seen them evolved through this whole process through people.”

Asim revealed that, he gets extra love from his siblings. Because he is the youngest of all and has long age gap. They have minimum age difference of ten years! Answering to a question, he said, he was naughty, not annoying but cute one. I was naughty in school as well and my teacher used to complaint Principal. But my Principal was like, “why do not you engage him into some good activities?”

Moreover, Asim shared that, “now I am very close to my father, whereas, in the start it was very tough because he had temper issue. But it helped me in my upbringing.” Later on, his father turned into such a humble and friendly person that I could share each and every secret of mine with him.




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