Amanat Ali Opens Up About His Struggles In India

Amanat Ali

Amanat Ali expressed his struggles that he made in the India’s TV reality show. He earned fame through competing with the other contestants in the music show.



In an interview with a private channel, Amanat shared his struggles mentioning that, ” I did not get the fame overnight but it took years of struggle and hard work to get it. Being in the musical reality show, ‘Saray ga ma pa’, was a tough time for me.”

He further added, “The competition was so tough that sometimes it made me disappointed and stressed”. But I had the passion and positive feed back from Pakistani people through messages and comments on social media”. Amanat said, ‘It was passion and honor, and I was called ‘musical soldier’ by the nation. I was supposed to rise my country’s name’.

He said that, “I believed that it was a war, not a war of weapons but music and ‘Surr’ between two controversial countries”. He said that he was the only contestant from Pakistan who managed to qualify for the grand finale. Two contestants qualified for grand finale from India, he added. It was a tough competition just like a war between India and Pakistan. People of both the countries are enthusiasts and have extra-ordinary sentiments about such competitions and want to see each others team win.

Amanat Ali belongs to Punjab, Pakistan and was born in 1987. He is the son of classic singer, Nazakat Ali, he got married to Sarah Manzoor. He got his classical music training from his father in his childhood, in the age of five.

Amanat has his fan following all over the world, including india. He has worked in Bollywood and Lollywood as a playback singer. Amanat’s music include, ‘Chha rahi kaali ghata’, ‘Shukria’, ‘katra katra’, ‘kinni kinni’, ‘Haq Mojood’ etc.

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