Ali Zafar Commits To Respond To Recent Claims By Meesha Shafi

Meesha Shafi

Ali Zafar assures to answer to the new claims by Meesha Shafi in a recent Twitter post. The case was terminated by the Punjab governor, the legalities stated this.



He posted on the twitter that, “Every verbal or written claim, blame or accusation will be answered with #facts and #evidence. Today I will release something that will seal the deal”. Ali, in his statement, said he would respond to every and every allegation through facts and evidence, adding, “will issue a decisive thing today”.

Barrister Ambreen Qureshi posted in response to the post of Ali as, “Yesterday a press statement by Miss Shafi’s legal team was shared with the press, matter of which were presented contrary to facts. Facts are as below.#FaceTheCourtMeeshaShafi”.

He further added, these accounts were now shutting down after he filed an application to FIA.

“As i said, the smear campaign against me was running through fake accounts who are now shutting down after our application to the FIA. Our resolve to set a precedent that no one can do this ever to an innocent person is stronger than ever now. #cybercrime #crime,” he mentioned.

Zafar also said that he would forgive Meesha if she says sorry to his wife Ayesha Fazli. He sait it as, “I will forgive Meesha if @AyeshaFazli forgives her.”

Meesha was fined Rs10,000 by the court for not cross-examining the witnesses, Ali’s legal team said, questioning, “If these are not delaying tactics then what else will it be called?”

Zafar’s lawyers said this statement was a response to “false statements” given by Meesha’s legal team, noting that their client accesses the right to take legal action on such accusations.

His case team said, revealing that the actor filed a case against his accuser on June 23, 2018, “Ali Zafar sent a legal notice to Meesha Shafi for levelling false allegations.”


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