Ali Zafar Says, “The Case Should Be Decided Fast”

Ali Zafar

Ali Zafar says that, “The case should be decided fast so my truth and their lie can be revealed”. It’s been a year that the case is still pending.



He expresses that, “I was targeted through organized plan for personal gains”.

Zafar had filed the defamation case last year against Shafi, who had accused him of sexual harassment. Nighat Dad last week shared that singer Meesha Shafi “has not been called by the court as of yet” but “will go once court will direct her to” appear.

He added, “Meesha’s lawyer has been following and retweeting fake accounts. This was done according to a proper plan. I was targeted for personal gains. Was this done because [Meesha Shafi] is going to Canada and her immigration is happening? I don’t know if she wanted international recognition there and become a Malala.”

Nighat, who is member of the legal team representing Shafi in the defamation case filed by Zafar in response to accusations of sexual harassment made by Shafi, refuted the assertions he made and said the propaganda was, against the survivor. She asked on Twitter, “all other accounts came forward with harassment allegations [were] fake too”.

The suit, claiming damages of Rs1 billion, was filed under the Defamation Ordinance 2002. In the notice, the singer claimed Shafi destructed his esteem through false accusation of sexual harassment.

Nighat Dad said, “While Meesha has a gag order against her under defamation suit, she can’t talk on mainstream media & social media about the case While other party to the case uses mainstream media and online spaces to spread misleading narrative around the case and viciously calls her liar.”

She added, “Alleges her lawyer to promote fake social media campaign against ‘him’ in media talk outside the court, as if all other accounts came forward with harassment allegations are fake too. Stop intimidating people with shallow threats of filing cases against them. Least you can do”.

Earlier in the day, Zafar had reached the sessions court in Lahore that heard the defamation suit against Shafi, despite not having being summoned by the court. He had said: “I wasn’t called to court today yet here I am.

When TV show host Shahzad Iqbal inquired the lawyer about why she keeps considering what he claimed were suspicious accounts, Dad said: “I follow any account that supports Meesha Shafi and her cause. I retweet tweets posted in favour of Meesha Shafi and her cause.”

However Meesha said, “if Ali Zafar believes that an account is fake, he can go ahead and lodge a complaint”.

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