Ali Azmat Had An Eye Opening Avatar In His Teens

Ali Azmat

Ali Azmat had an eye opening personality in his young years while in college. When he entered the college and saw violent student groups and student gangs, he joined them. In that environment he got into many fights and got hit many times. He told that he used to carry guns and weapons in order to create hype and make people scared.

First year and second year of college went in the same way. But in the third year he went back to his house after a police case, his father stopped him and advised him. He took the advice into account and worked on it. He quitted what he was doing and started practicing singing after getting to know about quality of his vocals.

One of Azmat’s closest friends recognized this quality in him, where it began. Furthermore, he used to do small concerts and earned money from them. He bought his first bike with that, met his expenses and saved it in young age of sixteen only. He didn’t tell anyone what he was doing. Even his family was unaware of that he goes for concerts and sings. His neighbors thought that he was earning through some wrong ways.

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Once he had a great and crowded show where he invited his parents and surprised them. They were glad, although, his grandma didn’t think it was a good profession. He has given many hits,  one of them is ‘Junoon se‘.

Pakistan has immense talent that includes many great actors, performers and singers. Ali Azmat is one of those legends who earned their name through their vocals. Ali Azmat is a singer, songwriter, musician and actor. He was born in Havelian, in 1970. Azmat is famous as the lead singer for the influential ‘Sufi Rock’ band “Junoon” and for his subsequent solo career. In 2001, he joined the first Pakistani band ‘Junoon’ ever to perform at the United Nations General Assembly.

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