Ahmed Jahanzeb Sings for an Anti-Smoking Campaign


News is revolving that Ahmed Jahanzeb will give a song for an anti-smoking campaign in order to support anti-smoking.

The title of the song is ‘Aadat Torh, Cigarette Chor’. Ahmed Jahanzeb wrote and sung it and Fuzon guitarist, Shallum Xavier composed it with the video. Shariq M Khan has directed it and Ayesha Toor and Kiran Khan will be seen in the video. Song delivers a strong message to the people who smoke. It is not released yet but we hope that it will have a positive effect on people.

There are a number or anti-smoking campaigns running in all over the world and in Pakistan to bring awareness in people about the side effects of smoking. People are getting to know about its drawbacks and that it is injurious for their health. But the fact is that it would take time to completely vanish it.

History tells that smoking was considered as a vogue and trendy activity. In, many campaigns against smoking, different celebrities and players play their part as speaking on this topic to bring awareness. However, now our popular singer Ahmed Jahanzeb has started working with anti-smoking campaigns to eliminate this plague.

Ahmed Jahanzeb Usmani started singing at very young age, he is a pop singer and composer also known as AJ. He belongs to Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Jahanzeb was also trained in classic music. Ahmed has given a number of hit songs to the industry that includes ‘Kaho ik din’ and many more.

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