After Hira Mani, Alizeh Shah has become Singer

When Hira Mnai surprised her fans that she can sing, and can beat the stage with her voice that time who was aware that soon another actress will surprise with her voice.

Yess Alizeh Shah, the actress who got fam in days with ISPR’s drama Ehd-e-Wafa. Now has sung a song ‘Badnamiyan’. The music lovers and Music Gurus has shaky responce on her debut. Many has become fan of her voice.

She appeared with some bold steps in Music field, Some are listening but some are just watching her as performer. And people are giving positive and negative response on it

Sahir Ali Bagga has again came with Siraiki Song, because he has given two hits in Siriaki language with Aima Baig.

Here we are sharing official video of “Badnamiyan”

Badnamiyan | Sahir Ali Bagga | Alizeh Shah | Official Music Video

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