Abrar Ul Haq Performs In Concerts In Jeddah


Recently Abrar-ul-Haq performed in a concert in Jeddah and it was magic all over. While discussing Saudi Arabia in entertainment, everyone takes interest in it. Because their traditions and religion prohibits that kind of entertainment. Not going to that side, let’s go through the concert.

The coastal city is presently in the throes of Jeddah Season, a cultural festival comprised of concerts, stand-up comedy gigs and restaurant offers.

General Entertainment Authority of the kingdom organized it. The event was held in various venues across the city. The best part was everyone could partake in the fun. This was major part of the kingdom’s struggle to open up the country’s entertainment facilities. Concerts will be held in large scale by the likes of pop-stars Mariah Carey, David Guetta and Enrique Iglesias over the last 12 months.

The concert in which Abrar ul Haq performed was attended by large audience. People joined the entertainment from all over the country and other gulf regions. The festival’s concert calendar was started in earnest with sold out shows by Arab music heavyweights Amr Diab, Nancy Ajram and Mohammed Hamaki.

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The recent big event on the cards was mammoth series of concerts considering the artists of Pakistani music industry. It was held at ‘’The Track’’ from June 20 to 22. The Happy Eid Asia was in news, include Abrar Ul Haq, Mohamed Aslam, Fareed Ali Khan and many more.

More concerts are ready to be announced soon and hot tip is the EDM DJ, Marshmello. The festival’s social media pointed at his arrival by posting a picture of him in the run to the launch of the festival.

Abrar-ul-Haq was born in Faisalabad, he is the youngest child among eight siblings. His early education at Junior Model School, Gujrat had a great impact on shaping his music career later on in life, and he credits his dynamic Principal there, Ms. Farida Shiekh for polishing his skills beyond measure. “I gave my first speech in this school at the age of five. It was a great confidence booster for me,” reminisced Abrar.

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